Ukraine work permit

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Are you interested in joining our country’s workforce ? We can help you secure all the necessary documents and requests so that you may add your skills and expertise to our own with your Ukraine work permit.

Get your own Ukraine work permit

Zalizniak & Associates can help employers obtain a Ukraine work permit for a foreign employee. A Ukraine work permit serves as the basis for obtaining a type-D visa. It also allows an individual to apply for a residence permit in Ukraine.

An individual coming to work in Ukraine has to ensure that the Ukrainian employer has initiated proceedings with the Immigration Office with regards to the delivery of a Ukraine work permit before arriving.

The following documents are required to process a Ukraine work permit:

  • Copies of education certificates and diplomas
  • A copy of the client’s passport
  • A Ukrainian translation of the passport
  • Four passport photos (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
  • A medical certificate
  • A letter from the employer informing the Immigration Office that the position does not deal with state secrets
  • A document certifying that the client has no legal or criminal record