Extend visa and stay in Ukraine

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In this article you will find out what is the difference between extension of stay or 90/180 days in Ukraine and visa extension, what are the consequences of overstaying in Ukraine and how to handle the situation if it happened so, you will also discover about the most common frauds with extension of stay. Extension of stay vs. extension of … Read More

Are there work permit exemptions for jobs in Ukraine?

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As a general rule – no. All foreigners coming to Ukraine for work purposes are supposed to obtain a work permit in cooperation with their would-be employer. The process features multiple steps, from obtaining a work permit, followed by a visa on the grounds of the permit and finally by a temporary residence permit upon arrival of the foreigner in … Read More

Entry requirements per country

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Visa – a country’s citizen requires a visa in order to enter Ukraine Visa-free – a country’s citizen can enter Ukraine without a visa. Visa-free up to 90 days within 180 days – a country’s citizen can enter Ukraine without a visa for a period of only 90 days, then needs to leave the territory of Ukraine for a period … Read More

Visa types

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Three types of visas are available to individuals who wish to enter Ukraine. All Ukrainian visas require individuals to provide the following: A duly completed visa application A passport Four passport photos (3.5 x 4.5 cm) Proof of health insurance coverage Copies of the client’s bank statements proving they can sustain themselves for the duration of their stay in Ukrainian … Read More

Entry regimes for Ukraine

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According to the law on Ukraine entry regimes, the stay of foreigners in the country as well as their registration has to comply with the following procedures: Foreigners arriving from states which require a Ukrainian visa can stay while their visas are valid but for no longer than for 90 days Foreigners arriving from states which do not require a … Read More

Ukrainian currency falls threefold

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It is cheap for a foreigner to live in Ukraine. This has been for the case for the eight years I have lived here. Exactly how cheap it depends on circumstances such as the financial crisis of 2008 and the Russian invasion of 2014. Before the recent invasion Ukraine was at the bottom of the big Mac index. That fabled … Read More

Applying for Ukrainian citizenship becomes easier

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From the start of your application to the delivery of your passport – we can assist you in obtaining your Ukrainian citizenship. Get acquainted with the new regime here. In the aftermath of Russian-sponsored actions in Eastern Ukraine, many foreigners joined Ukrainians in the effort as part of volunteer battalions or partisan groups. Many of them identify as Ukrainian and … Read More

Safe life in Ukraine

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Autumn in Kyiv is beautiful. Women are still dressed in style, the leaves are starting to change, the air is as clean as ever, and life is incredibly good for an expatriate American. People in Kyiv always leaned towards the West. With Putin’s raging to the East, whatever ambivalence there may have been has faded. Ukraine wants no more of … Read More

Immigrated to Ukraine: First-hand articulations

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Ukraine acts as though it does not want you. They do little to promote tourism. They do absolutely nothing to promote immigration, even though a stream of pension payments from abroad would help the economy. They allow the rumor to persist that the country is as cold and forbidding as Russia. Actually, the summer weather is better than New York … Read More

The advantages of living in a lesser “democracy”

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Modern democracies intrude into citizens’ lives far more than monarchs ever dared. That’s the view of writers such as Alain de Benoist and Trenton Fervor. The major concern of the typical monarch was hanging onto his crown. He had to placate and hold off nobles who might aspire to usurp it and keep the peasantry satisfied enough not to switch … Read More